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  Audio Perfection

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PostSubject: Audio Perfection   Mon Oct 24, 2011 2:26 am

Get the audio tracks mastered. That is the best way of ensuring that the audio tracks sound great on radio. Not just the radio, a mastered track sounds mellifluous on any medium. Mastering renders the track the technical brilliance of sounding good on any medium and not just the medium on which it was developed. It is the edge the audio track can have over the amateur tracks. The essence of mastering is quite obvious when the mastered track is played among the non-mastered tracks. When mastering is done to the audio tracks, the sound becomes loud, professional and clear. The mastering process offers space, balance and dynamics to the tracks to make it sound professional. The tracks are Eked or Compressed, wherever required by the master engineer. Most of the times musicians let go of the process, thinking it ain’t going to achieve anything. But in actuality, it is this stage of music making which makes the track professional and commercially viable. Till this stage, the track is considered naïve and amateurish. So the need for mastering the song cannot be underestimated. By getting the tracks mastered, one is also giving a different perspective to the song. The master engineer listens to the song with a pair of fresh ears to identify areas which need fine-tuning. It renders the song the polishing and the finesse that makes the sound track sellable and technically advanced. No amount of melodies and composing work the effect best audio mastering can have on the track.
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Audio Perfection
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